Friday, October 06, 2006

Royal Blue Ornaghi Filati Bamboo

It's here! I do not usually get particularly worked up over the arrival of yarn (until you've swatched you just don't know if it will work) but I thought I would post about this because Bettina was expressing some dissatisfaction with the color selection in the SWTC bamboo. This Italian yarn is very silky in feel and sheen and is plied with a little bit of texture (I know that is an inadequate description for those of you who spin and ply your own) that should make it more forgiving of any uneven stitching. I got mine from: One Fine Yarn There is another Czech made bamboo yarn called Cloud, that comes in a more conservative palette. It can also be viewed at One Fine Yarn. Anyway, I should think that Bettina should be able to find either of these fairly readily in Europe.

I'm scrambling to meet a birthday sock deadline (and getting really bored in the process), but will make an effort to get a swatch made, photographed and posted, so you can see this yarn for yourselves.


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone making this skirt yet???


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